A sewer line servicing multiple apartments backs up and overflows into busy bank office space below. This caused major damage to the entire office area, as well as posing a severe public safety and environmental hazard. DANCO was called on the scene by one of our valued clients to remediate the damage.

Immediate response to the issue included coordinating efforts with the local fire and police departments to make them aware of the situation, as well as starting remediation efforts directly after environmental samples were taken for lab analysis. DANCO prepares and plans for a round the clock effort to get the business back in operation. This was hands-on disaster recovery.

Armed with protective gear and an eye for detail, DANCO completes the job in only 4 ½ days. This effort involved the coordinating of many trades, including IAQ testing, HVAC, rough and finished carpentry, flooring, sheetrock, electrical, telecom, ceiling grid install, and securing new office furniture. DANCO minimized downtime for a busy bank environment, which served to please both the client and customers alike. Lost revenues were also significantly diminished as a result of the breakneck turnaround time provided.